Top-Notch Stop Motion Service

Jai Singh, has a thorough understanding of character development, set and puppet design, animation, editing, framing, lighting, audio recording, and all other areas of the filmmaking process. We provide the following Stop motion servicesince we are passionate about rekindling the excitement elicited by childhood favourites:

Designing a Concept from Scratch:

Among the services provided by us, are competent writing and creative teams who collaborate with clients to develop unique concepts for stories and characters. We can create images for film, commercials, explainer videos, sales and marketing videos, and other media, depending on the project type.

Designing a Character:

Our teamof experts make character models that are a fusion of idea designs, technology, creative materials, and stop motion animation, among other elements of the creative process. Designing 2D and 3D animation with effective, plausible motion, costuming, and blending is challenging for many artists.

Storyboarding and scripting in great detail:

We provide storyboarding and scripting services, which break down the storey into logical, easily visualised sequences through a clever storyboard and then develops a script with character dialogues, scenes, and a screenplay.

Set and staging explicitly created for you:

Custom props, costumes, backdrops, sets, staging, and installation are available through our enhanced animation. The management of full-scale set design for both small and large projects, including everything from lighting to set dressing, is something our technicians are adept at doing.

Voiceover and editing services tailored to your needs:

We provide a global talent pool of seasoned voice actors that can bring life to the characters through their voices for Stop motion service. All included are multilingual actors, remote recording, and a comprehensive audio editing suite that allows you to synthesise auto-tune, reverberate and customise voice effects.

Animation and audio editing are two different things:

We use state-of-the-art, licenced stop motion animation and audio editing software and equipment to create professional, full-production animation and a diverse range of auditory effects for a variety of applications. Sound and speech samples, computer-generated imagery, and other formats are included.

Services in Visual Effects and Compositing:

Stop motion animation sequences are composited, which blends stop motion, live-action, green and blue screen, special effects, and digital extensions to create a composite stop motion animation sequence. This makes the illusion of cohesion for all of the many parts that were used in the production.

Why Choose Jai Singh?

Being of the most prominent digital marketers, Jai Singh leaves no stone unturned in providing the most robust and enhanced services to its clients. The biggest USP of his services is his experience. In this very field he has a massive experience of years, and has been fortunate enough to be able to work with a plethora of great clients in the past.

His utmost dedication and honesty is what sets him apart from the crowd, and he makes sure to cater to all the niche demands of his clients in every way possible.

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